WASD or arrow keys are for moving, mouse is for aiming and shooting. Spiky circles with question marks are for collecting and hating the game which downgraded your weapon instead of giving more health (you'll understand this after playing).

Download Windows version if HTML5 doesn't satisfy your FPS desires.

Hope you'll enjoy the game!


Little piglet is stuck in a mysterious cave only with his jetpack and mighty pistol. Help it survive for as long as possible while fighting hordes of evil monsters, collecting powerups and various crazy weapons.

This game is in active development, so nothing is final and everything, what is fun, will be multiplied. That means more weapons, more game modes, more cute characters and, surely, much more enemies.

Let me know what you think!

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AMAZING GAME i think you should play it if you have not. it even has a pause function just dont hit escape in the pause menu :< so many newb devs its unreal. itch sucks!

Nice one!

Will it be available for Linux at some point?

Couldn't resist playing it to give playing as Kintinue a go ;D

I am finding this game VERY addictive ! (to the point im making videos haha)

It looks and sounds and plays great with a difficulty level which is awesome as whenever you die its because you have messed up and presents a real challenge as the game progresses.

great game :)

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very nice shooter nice gfx and physics!