New game mode, crafting and balance changes

Hello there,

New game mode is here! HOG Z is a WIP version of a zombie survival stitched together from various Card Hog mechanics with a few little tweaks which might be expanded and used for things like Story Mode and more.  One of the bigger additions is Crafting Table card which lets you use various in-game stats to craft cards for your run!

Card Hog Crafting

Major Things

  • Hog Z game mode
  • Card crafting
  • Multi-use cards


  • Fixed broken drop weights making certain skill cards (Boomerang) much less frequent
  • Removed one spider from the starting deck of the loops mode
  • Added a bonus weapon (Stick) to the loops deck to help out new runs

Other Things

  • Moles now dig out empty spots if they attack them
  • Projectiles shouldn't lock controls anymore
  • Increased game saving and loading speed
  • Improved skill target indicators
  • Added auto-save after player moves between grids
  • Pressing ESC in Game Over should switch to game mode list
  • Fixed buggy mole targeting when it gets dug out with a shovel
  • Fixed mimic spawning visually revealed
  • Fixed enemy targets not being visible after loading the game
  • Fixed slimed items being invisible

Let me know what you think about the new game mode and what you'd like to see added to it!



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hello, I am new to and I don't know how to download update.  If someone could tell me how I would be very thankful.

If you're not using app, just go to the "Download" section (should see it after purchase) and download the latest ZIP file.

thanks a lot