Launch and first major update!

Hello there,

First of all... Card Hog is finally live on and it got featured! That's awesome! On other news, I finished a quite sizable update and wanted to list things which changed... 

Major Things

  • You can now get cloned by the alien ship
  • New logo, nicer background and fresh looking buttons!
  • Treasure chest drops which can hold multiple cards
  • Side quests can have multiple awards and some give beans ¹
  • Town/boss spawns are now chained for nicer player experience

¹ Still no way to spend bean overflow, but I'm working on it! Got your own ideas what beans could be used for? Let me know!

Other Things

  • Slightly sped up turn delays for faster gameplay
  • Added animation boost if an input is received while objects are still moving
  • Progress indicator now shows distance to the towns
  • Added a little bounce when quest requirements change
  • Changed sound of UFO attack
  • Properly clearing up target indicators
  • Fixed logo being shown up during tutorial
  • Fixed UFO Crash Site crash
  • Fixed possible side quest crash
  • Fixed issues with newly locked perks
  • Fixed a few navigation issues

I also did an insane amount of optimization which likely won't be noticed on your beastly rigs, but needed to be done for smoother experience on other platforms.

Let me know if any of these happen to you!



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Version 4 Nov 14, 2020

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