After a delicious dinner (people talk it was beans), three little piglets discovered an inconvenient truth - their precious stash of toilet paper is gone! Well, the culprits were obvious and It's time to get it back! Surely, the task is assigned to the youngest one, but worry not - brothers will help!

- - -

WAD or arrows to stroll & jump around. Combine your sweet moves to jump from wall to wall!

Z or O turns in to Bouncy piglet. Bouncing is fun and saves your bacon from high falls or mines.

X or P turns in to Brute piglet. You can fight depending on how you approach the enemy. But who wants to fight, when you can wall-jump!

S or down arrow or Enter to select a level

M - toggle music (please don't, it's used to cover up bad sounds)

N - toggle sounds (use with M)

F5 - room restart from checkpoint or beginning.

ESC - returns to menu

- - -

Art/mechanics progress album:

Code, drag-n-drops & art: SnoutUp (that's me) with help of GameMaker & Inkscape

Music: Weirdnoises

Sounds: some from SFX generator, some made recording voice and couple made by Weirdnoises.

- - -

It might seem unfair at times, but before you start hatin' on a guy, who placed checkpoint in front of cluster of ranged wolves, just remember, that in this cruel world being pig ain't easy.

- - -

Known issues:

* various annoying sound problems with HTML5. So, if you smell something burning - turn it off or download Windows version!

* weird collision bugs might and will happen

* can run unbearably slow on Mac

* sometimes wolves shoot bullets from their butts. Can't explain that. (already fixed, but leaving it here, since people like it)

- - -

Feedback tweets are welcome here:

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