New name, mechanics, enemies, items and Android beta

Hello everyone! 

First devlog, please be gentle. I've been hesitating to post stuff until I'll have significant-enough updates to write about and the latest release was one of those. As you already noticed, the Card Game finally got a proper name and from now until forever (hopefully) will be called Card Hog! Can't shake those pigly themes off.  Thanks to it automatically redirects to new game URL. 

Depending on your last play time, you might also discover a bunch of new skill, item and enemy cards available. I won't describe them here (there's a extremely lazily updated forum thread for that), since some might be a nice (or awful) surprise when you find them.  Well fine fine, one of the new cards is Mind Control skill which allows you to take over any enemy (or boss, which is temporary, since I forgot to set proper resistances) and move around with them.

Another important change is that Scrap, which before was just a number in that poorly visible UI, now is used for card upgrades and you can have multiple of those if you gather enough scrap before Upgrade. Scrap is gained either by digging ground (that's also new!) or picking up a weapon when character has one already equipped. A little bit of comfort when you're forced to switch items to gain better position. In the future there will be more ways to gain Scrap as well as ways to spend coins. 

And finally if you have an Android phone you can drop poorly optimized mobile-web version and try it out natively.  It's in early access/public beta mode and will be updated pretty-much in sync with this version. 

Download here:

Anything else you'd like to see in the game? Any weapon, skill or enemy? Got a boss idea? Feel like it's missing quality-of-life features? Let me know! I'm all ears. Post your feedback in the comments or dedicated forum thread.


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